Tell us about how you ended up working at Lefty’s? What were you doing before that?  

My first job was actually as a barber and from then on I’ve worked mainly as a make up artist, special effects and hair styling. I was lucky enough to end up at Lefty’s when Tara took me on to retrain me. Things in the barbering industry have changed so much since I last worked in a barber shop.

Do you remember the first haircut you ever gave someone and what got you interested in barbering in the first place?

I can’t remember the first one but I can vividly remember in the early days when I accidentally took a big chunk out of the back of this poor guy’s hair! The thing that got me back in to barbering is my love of making people feel good about themselves, the creative outlet it provides and of course the customer service aspect!

What’s your favourite thing about Lilydale? 

I have always grown up around Lilydale.  In fact I was even born in Lilydale Hospital! I love watching the community grow and all the amazing businesses Lilydale has to offer.


What’s the best thing about being a barber, and what are you less keen on in the job? 

My favourite part without a doubt is getting to know so many amazing people every day. It is like hanging out with lots of friends all while working! The tiny little hairs that get stuck in everything, it’s impossible to ever get rid of them!

What do you like to do when you’re not busy making people look fresh? 

Anything to do with art! I love painting, writing and drawing. I also really love good wine or an espresso martini with my friends.


Do any particular people or trends in the industry inspire you in your work? 

Without a doubt it’s the people I work with. Everyone has something to teach everyone!

Apart from the obvious (scissors and clippers), are there any brands, products, equipment or other professional tools that you swear by? 

I love the Y.S combs and not just because they have my initials on them  

If you let your imagination roam, what’s your dream path in your future as a barber?    

This is my dream path! Working with great people, looking forward to actually going to work and having an incredible boss, what more could you want?