Born in small town New South Wales, Elliot moved from Wauchope to Melbourne at the ripe old age of 12. Coming from a laid back and carefree rural childhood to a new life in the big city was a massive change, but one which changed him for the better. Leaving school during Year 11 to become a barber, he started his apprenticeship in early 2017. Having already learnt much along the way, his journey is just beginning. Read on to find out the unexpected worst thing about being a barber…

It’s a huge change to move from a small country town like Wauchope to a large city like Melbourne, especially right when you’re about to become a teenager. What did you find took a bit of getting used to and what was a more positive change? 

The sheer size of Melbourne after coming from a small country town was big. I travelled heaps as a kid as my parents think travel is the greatest gift a child could receive (other than an Xbox360 for my 9th birthday, which I thought was the greatest gift a child could receive) but just the fact you actually live in the hustle and bustle of a major city and there are so many things at your disposal was crazy. When you move from Wauchope and just have your local shops and you have to drive to Port Macquarie for you nearest sport store or gym, it’s pretty crazy to think there are 15 of those in a 10km radius living in the city.

Do you remember the first haircut you ever gave someone? What got you interested in barbering in the first place?

I remember my first haircut as it was on my Dad, luckily I was hired as an apprentice and not a fully qualified staff member because the haircut took me 2 hours! It probably wouldn’t have passed the timeframe for a short back and sides… This haircut ignited my love for barbering as I’m a very tactile person who likes to work with his hands and problem solve to create a finished product. I never expected to be a barber but when the opportunity arose I saw what the future could hold. My love for this craft has definitely grown into a passion and I’m keen to see where it leads me in the future.

What’s your favourite thing about Lilydale and Lefty’s? 

Lilydale is a circus of local character and community spirit, as it is the last town before the Yarra Valley begins. It’s such a cool place to live and work, as if you head towards Warburton you’re in the bush, but go 5 minutes in the other direction towards the city and you wouldn’t think the bush is anywhere near. Coming to Lefty’s as an apprentice in my final year I was looking for a team environment. Somewhere for my skill set and personality to have the freedom to be creative by working in an environment where it would be preserved and not altered to fit a mould. Tara really has built a great business and team, something the community should be proud of as she lives to please and keep Lilydale looking awesome! 

Best and worst thing about being a barber?

My favourite part about being a barber is the amazing people I get to meet and interact with. From the time they sit down in that chair, I have the creative freedom and a platform to meet someone and learn everything their personality has to offer. The thing I probably hate the most about being a barber is…hair! It gets in everything from my shoes to my clothes and it even gets stuck in your skin which really hurts sometimes…don’t judge a hair splinter till you have had one in the right spot!


Do any particular people or trends in the industry inspire you in your work? 

Andy Fade Master, an Instagram barber who works out of Miami Florida. He’s been grinding and building his shop and his talent into something that can’t be messed with, I think the man is the best in the game and I admire his hard work and how hungry he is to succeed and watch his people succeed aswell. There is a saying I like to live by in my work life: “a hungry wolf is bound to wage a hard battle”.

Apart from the obvious (scissors and clippers), are there any brands, products, equipment or other professional tools that you swear by?

Wahl have always been the OGs in the barbering world, from hand clippers to wireless they just keep making products that knock it out of the park. I’m still in the process of testing other products but I’m learning the ones I have now before I start adding to my collection. 

If you let your imagination roam, what’s your dream path in your future as a barber?    

My dream path would be as a freelance barber to all the people I looked up to growing up or the stars I look up to now. I feel it’s critical not to base your life off someone else’s success because then you’ll never become your true self. It would be amazing to meet people who are always in the public eye and make these people look fresh. For my work to be seen in the Champions League final, in Hollywood or on a stage somewhere broadcasting to thousands of fans…that’s the dream and I’m working on it. I will never settle for second best and I will always strive for greater things. I think that’s why this question is so hard to answer – there’s no top spot for me because you can always learn and you can always achieve in life…you just have to find the ways. 

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