Alyhurt, tell us about how you ended up working at Lefty’s? What were you doing before that? 

I had just moved to Lilydale from Warrnambool and after having a really good experience at Lefty’s it made me interested in the barbering industry and started working weekends at Lefty’s.

Do you remember the first haircut you ever gave someone and what got you interested in barbering in the first place?

The first haircut I ever did was on my Dad and it was a very supervised skin fade, I was first interested in barbering after going to a couple of barbershops and seeing how much fun they were having while working.

What’s your favourite thing about Lilydale and favourite thing about working at Lefty’s? 

My favourite part of Lilydale is the variety of different places and people and the way you can feel included in the community. My favourite thing about working at Lefty’s is being part of a team with interesting people. 

What’s the best thing about being a barber, and what are you less keen on in the job? 

The best thing about being a barber in my opinion is being one of the only services that people go to when they want to and not when they need to, what I’m less keen on though is the long days.

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What do you like to do when you’re not busy making people look fresh? 

I enjoying watching movies and learning how they were made as that is something I am super interested in.

Do any particular people or trends in the industry inspire you in your work? 

I think I have been inspired mainly from barbers that I have worked with and the hard work they put in.

Apart from the obvious (scissors and clippers), are there any brands, products, equipment or other professional tools that you swear by? 

I really like WAHL as they feel really good in your hand and has a nice weight to it.

If you let your imagination roam, what’s your dream path in your future as a barber?    

I would like to be able travel while working all over the world before opening my own shop further down the line.


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