Westend Barbers has generously agreed to donate their time and skills to Lefty’s #Cutathon – read more & find out how to get involved here

Westend Barbers Healesville

Tell us a little bit about your shop.

My shop is called Westend Barbershop, originally named Menz Cutz I brought the business off a local man named Gary who had been a barber for some 30 years. I took over the business in 2017. I have a great team who each have their special niche, they all bring a specific skill set to the team. We offer affordable, friendly service in Healesville in the Yarra Valley. No appointments necessary just walk in.

To whom will you be donating the funds from #Cutathon2020? 

I’ll be donating to the Red Cross disaster relief and recovery 

As devastating as the fires are, it’s been encouraging to see communities come together in support of those who’ve been so badly affected. What does “community” mean to you?

Community to me means ‘family’ that aren’t blood relation but being connected and a part of a group of people doing something together to feel a sense of belonging.

Do you feel that people can help show leadership in their own local and national communities, considering that our political leaders are refusing to do? 

I think anyone can show leadership and I believe that if your intentions are good in what you’re doing most people will follow and want to be a part of doing something good. I also believe that if we stand together and stand united that leaders in politics would step it up. I love that there has been so many people reach out and help when and where they can, makes me feel proud to be Australian.


Westend Barbers Healesville