Tucker Browne are a husband and wife team whose haircare and male grooming products are inspired by their love for the sea, driven by a mindset of sustainability and focused on walking the line between functional and beautiful. We were wondering about where the inspiration came from for these beautiful products so we had a chat with main man Lucas Tucker to learn a bit more about the brand.

How did you decide on the Tucker Browne name, and what does it mean?

 Tucker Browne is a combination of both my wife’s surname and mine. She is Browne and I am Tucker. 

Your brand’s social media presents a very Aussie aura – relaxed, beachlife, surfing. Was this always the idea from the start, or just how it played out? 

The brand is a true reflection of our lives, always at the beach and in the ocean.

Your products are Made in Melbourne – what similarities do you feel the Tucker Browne brand has with this city?

Tucker Browne is proudly made in Melbourne and just like the city our range is innovative and sexy but also functional! Every decision we made when we were developing the range was thought out and planned and what we’ve produced is solid and lasting and will stand the test of time in the market – just like our gorgeous Melbourne.

Everything you make is sulphate free and paraben free. Was it much of a challenge to create your products without these elements which are so common in the industry? 

No challenge at all, the challenge is converting people’s expectations of non sulphate products. It’s not common knowledge that sulphates are foaming agents so it can be a surprise for some to use shampoo without all the bubbles. We’re here to show that these sulphate and paraben free products work beautifully.

What inspired you to take the cruelty free and recycled packaging direction with your company?  

Firstly both my wife and I are vegetarians and respect all living creatures so cruelty free was a no brainer. We also have 3 children and are extremely conscious of the planet’s welfare. We aim always to leave the smallest footprint possible and having our packaging be recyclable was really important to us. 

Tucker-Browne Team

You use kelp plus other marine extracts and sea minerals, what was it that led you down this path? 

The ocean is where we spend a lot of time and we believe in the healing powers of salt water. Also there is some serious research into the health benefit of kelp and other sea minerals.

Men’s grooming is a very different beast to what it was 10 years back – where do you see these trends going over the coming decade?

Anything goes these days and there are different trends happening all the time and at the same time. Manbuns and fades are two examples. Completely different approaches and both popular at the same time.

Also what we are seeing is mens grooming becoming main stream. It’s no longer considered “ feminine” or “metro” for guys to want to take care of their skin and hair. 

Men are becoming more and more invested in the way they look and are wanting to educate themselves on the products and services that are available to them. Tucker Browne is here to provide the products and the knowledge with the hope of making every man look and feel his best.


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