Lefty is the originator of the idea behind #Cutathon2020 and together with her team, will donate their time and skills to #Cutathon2020 – read more & find out how to get involved here


Tell us a little bit about your shop.

Lefty’s opened August 1st 2018 after over 20 years in Industry. It’s been moving forward ever since and I have cemented my place in the community. Being involved with the locals, whether that be other small businesses, or specifically other barbershops was always important to me. I think we can do so much together, each of us just giving it a go.

To whom will you be donating the funds from #Cutathon2020? 

I have decided to donate these funds to first nations communities affected by fire.

Have you been personally affected by the fires?

I have not been affected in any large way. We were lucky enough to have only had our holiday cut short when my family including my husband and four small children had to evacuate our campsite in Mallacoota. Seeing the gross amount of fires affecting our country and watching so many suffering has really made an impact. That’s why we came up with this idea. Each one of us is capable of doing something to help.

Lefty's Team

As devastating as the fires are, it’s been encouraging to see communities come together in support of those who’ve been so badly affected. What does “community” mean to you?

Community to me is standing together,  offering help to those in need, and being involved in positive change and growth for your local members.

Do you feel that people can help show leadership in their own local and national communities, considering that our political leaders are refusing to do? 

I absolutely do and we are seeing it now. Whether that be using greener energy suppliers, consuming less and repurposing, eating to sustain the environment or sourcing correct unbiased information. These are some of the changes I have already made for my home and my business and these are changes so many people are making around me. Hopefully our political leaders catch on!