King Brown products are second-to-none in terms of quality and aesthetic. One glance and you can see that heaps of effort went into creating this brand, and their fantastic packaging is matched by the quality of their products – not to mention their admirable approach to sustainability. We had a chat with co-founders Dan Binskin and Daen Brown to find out a bit more about what drives them.

How did the company get started and what made you choose the King Brown name?

The brand was conceived back in 2013 and we launched King Brown Pomade in September 2014. At that point in time there was not the large choice of grooming products we see available today and we really felt we could offer a great alternative to what was already in the marketplace. The name came about from the obvious fact we wanted the brand to have a distinctly Australian feel, the combination of co-founder Dan Binskin’s partner Belinda’s maiden name of ‘King’ & co-founder Daen Brown’s surname led to a very suitable name from which the logo ideas then began to flow and the result being what you see today.

Obvs the snake references is there, but are there other aspects to the brand which are distinctively Aussie?

We’re extremely proud of being an Australian owned and manufactured brand and make it regularly known via our social posts. We also utilise a lot of native Australian scents within the custom fragrances of our pomades, for example native Australian lemon myrtle and sandalwood in our Cream and native vernal grasses in our Matte Pomade. There’s a pending release of our new ‘Australiana’ video clip due at years end, it’s something completely unique to our industry and really celebrates Aus.

Your branding is absolutely gorgeous and gives a super-premium feel without seeming too aloof or inaccessible; how did you arrive at this approach and why do you feel that it suits the products?

We worked really hard on the packaging and the rectangular traditional ‘tobacco tin’ style was something we really felt aligned with the brands aesthetic. The original references came from the fact Daen’s father and grandfather were in tobacco sales so there was a nostalgic history with this style also. Our concept has always been to create a premium brand that was inclusive not exclusive. We want everyone to feel they can be part of the King Brown brand.

Everything on the outside of the products is top notch – what about the inside? What’s different about your grooming products?

Every one of our products has been conceived and tested on us with the assistance of our cosmetic manufacturing partner. We only use ethically sourced ingredients and we are extremely conscious to make sure the products are user friendly to both the barbers and users hands and scalp.

King Brown – Dan Binskin and Daen Brown

I love how the packaging is something you can re-use for keeping things in. Are there other sustainable aspects to the King Brown approach?

We are very conscious of the brand’s environmental foot print and all products we develop have that taken into consideration. Our signs are made of tin so they stay up in stores for a lifetime and for the most part never need replacing, we only supply disposable dispensers with the initial order then on request thereafter. It’s really important all companies make the small steps to reduce unnecessary waste and environmental impact.

Men’s grooming is a very different beast to what it was 10 years back – where do you see these trends going over the coming decade?

Both Dan and I have long standing careers in the street / surf fashion industry so we’ve seen trends come and go and ultimately return again a number of years later. Whilst right now it’s all about matte / natural looks we predict we’ll see a resurgence of the classics pomp, flat top and slick styles again but with more modern twists. A lot of guys are getting more comfortable to try something new and evolve their looks outside the standard, colouring will also play a big part in future trends.


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