Barkk Barbers has generously agreed to donate their time and skills to Lefty’s #Cutathon – read more & find out how to get involved here

Barkk Barbers Mooroolbark

Tell us a little bit about your shop.

Barkk Barbers is our modern and eclectic baby. We are very proud to offer the people of the Mooroolbark area the classic Barbering experience. We take pride in all aspects of the shop and the clients, we love meeting new people and creating relationships with the fantastic repeat clients.

To whom will you be donating the funds from #Cutathon2020? 

Barkk Barbers will be donating the funds raised from Cutathon to Blaze Aid, this volunteer-based group do wonderful work in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Have you been personally affected by the fires?

We have not personally been affected, although we are regular visits to the Vic High Country and Gippsland and know how pretty the scenery is. It is heart breaking seeing the pictures of areas blackened and burnt out. 

As devastating as the fires are, it’s been encouraging to see communities come together in support of those who’ve been so badly affected. What does “community” mean to you?

Community to us is not necessarily just local. We think in the big picture Australia is a big community, when tragic and devastating events happen great people rally to help out in any way possible, wherever they are. Community to us means people from all ages and walks of life all have a goal of lending a hand and helping when and where needed. 

Do you feel that people can help show leadership in their own local and national communities, considering that our political leaders are refusing to do? 

Regardless of political agendas, Australians have that attitude of ‘you will help a mate in need’. We are lucky in that way, so from all the events that happen, we know that people who live in another state are wanting to help as much as the guy living next door to you. So yes, we do feel that people can show leadership in his/her own way.

Barkk Barbers Mooroolbark