We opened in 2018 when Lefty came home to the Yarra Valley following two decades in Melbourne CBD, developing her professional repertoire by working at legendary barber shops. Three things define Lefty’s – positivity, professionalism, community. 

Our shop is located in the outer eastern suburb of Lilydale, presenting a progressive comfortable space. Clients regularly drive up to 45 minutes to experience our relaxed-yet-professional approach. Although you will see some wild haircuts on our social media, 95% of the time we’re doing regular classic cuts.


Everyone is welcome at Lefty’s and we’re just as happy to see an 80-year-old pensioner come through the door as we are a 40-year-old tradie. We know exactly what our clients want because we’ve been in the Valley for four generations – community is everything to us. Sustainability is important to us too – our smocks are made from kangaroo leather – and we exclusively use Aussie products (Melbourne Made whenever possible), as they tend to be the best quality, leaving you feeling fresh and well groomed. 


Come on in, grab yourself a local craft beer from the fridge, and enjoy the experience! 

Welcome To Leftys


  • We never compromise on hygiene, respect, professionalism and cleanliness. 
  • We offer a treatment more than just a haircut and our clients love the little extra touches. When we do a hot towel faceshave, for example, we use lavender and eucalyptus in our hot towels. 
  • We use aftershaves, serums or moisturizers after all our services and we always clean down our workspace extremely diligently.
  • Other barber shops refuse to cut women’s hair or won’t do a fade on a female person. To us it doesn’t matter who you are – if a client wants the type of haircut we offer, jump in the queue and we’ll be with you ASAP. The price is the same regardless of your gender, unlike women-specific hair salons who charge three times our price for a fade. 
We find that our queuing system is popular, since other places use a booking system which means that you can’t get an appointment for up to four weeks. At Lefty’s you’ll never miss out – all you have to do is check in here and we’ll cut your hair that day. The Slikr app we use was made up in Brisbane and it works exactly the same as the old-school “write-your-name-on-a-chalkboard” approach. Just check in here and take off to get lunch or do your shopping, or do it online to get an indication of how soon you need to be here. 

The waiting times are accurate but we go by headcount more than minutes, as in “there’s three on front of you” rather than “it’s a 45 minute wait”. It can never be completely accurate since every haircut is unique. A fade might take 20 minutes for one person and 30 for another, so if there’s three people waiting, that means it’s an extra half hour, meaning that our system is always an estimate. If someone’s late or early, it’s not a big deal, it’s just whoever’s next in the queue. 

Do you have a last minute meeting, date or appointment? No worries – we open early, so duck in at 8am and walk out looking your best!